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Private eyes of Artblog


We at Artblog love it when friends, whom I’ll call private eyes of Artblog, notice things around town and report in. This week, I had two reports of new street art by three Artblog private eyes. Here’s the scoop:

Anarchist sod on South Broad Street?
A mystery patch of sod carved to look like the anarchist symbol turned up Tuesday morning on the vacant lot a few paces from Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, Romy Scheroder told me when I stopped in the gallery on Wednesday to look at Wade Saunder‘s art.

Sheroder, R-W Gallery assistant and an artist in the MFA program at Uarts, said she noticed the sod carving — and a few other objects that look like sand bags — behind the cyclone fencing when she was on her way into the gallery Tuesday.

I have to say the sod installation (see image above, arrow points to the suspect sod) is tres subtle from the street and it would take a daily passerby who was also an artist — and one familiar with what the anarchist logo looks like — to spy the addition to the weedy lot. Let’s just say I didn’t see it until Scheroder pointed it out. What took my notice instead was a photo chained to the cyclone fencing — it seems to show a dead deer with a pink pink “x” spray painted on it.

All in all, I don’t know if the deer relates to the sod or vice versa but as street art goes it’s a good try, not 100 percent successful.

Sniper on Walnut at 20th St.

Marcia Kocot and Tom Hatton, artists whose collaborations I admire (they show work at Larry Becker Contemporary Art) emailed the following intriguing tip:

Hi Roberta. Have you seen the sniper on the roof? (north west corner of 20th and Walnut) We didn’t have a camera with us at the time. Go soon, who knows how long it will be there.

From any other source you might think a sniper siting at 20th and Walnut would be alarming. But when M&T emailed I somehow knew we were not talking about real rifles. (image shows the painted image of a man in black aiming a gun at something below.)

Is it anarchists again? Or is somebody just objecting to the super-ubiquitous Dali-cizing of the city? Note the Dali banner, part of the saturation advertising campaign.

Thanks to our tipsters for keeping us apprized of the street scene around town. Meanwhile, Libby and I will be bringing you reports of the Visionary Art Museum this week. Stay tuned.