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Weekly update – Summer and ICA


Summer…and Fall too
It’s the Weekly’s Summer Guide issue this week and my art round-up focuses on what’s coming up at Temple Gallery, Space 1026, PAFA, Pentimenti, the Print Center and more.
cronin, patricia
And because I like to give a taste of what’s farther off on the horizon, I put in some news about what’s coming in the fall, like:

I Am On Your Shoulders

Artblog pal and contributor Shelley Spector‘s solo exhibit at Painted Bride Art Center will inhabit the entire two-floor gallery space and will include music and other multi-media elements. (Image is a studio shot of some of Spector’s work in progress for that show, which is called “I Am on Your Shoulders;”)

Very Early Pictures

A group show at Arcadia curated by Richard Torchia will present art by well-known artists made when they were kids. Torchia told me he was asked to curate a show by Luckman Gallery (Cal State, LA) and this was his idea. The show actually opens out there first then comes back here for its Arcadia run). (image is a horse drawn by Patricia Cronin when she was a child.)

Quoting from Torchia’s email about the show:

The show is actually a reprisal of an exhibition I did in 1991 at Moore College, only organized with a broader palette and featuring living artists only. [The show at Moore included examples by Thomas Eakins, Alice Neel (who attended Moore), Charles Demuth, and other historic figures.]

I will be adding some additional artists for the Arcadia presentation, including more Philadelphia-based talent, of course, as well as works by artists who are still looking for those boxes in the attic they know they will find this summer, I hope.
pettibone, richard
Interestingly, I just learned White Columns will open a similarly themed show in October called “The Early Show,” so there is obviously something in the air about this subject. I believe that in part, there is an interest in looking for authentic examples of the adolescent sensibility (as opposed to mannered/artificial ones) that seems so pervasive these days.

Here’s the list of names whose junior-grade art will be in the show:

Polly Apfelbaum, Kjetil Berge, Elizabeth Bryant, Charles Burns, Mason Cooley, Patricia Cronin, Dorothy Cross, Russell Crotty, Tony de los Reyes, Tacita Dean, Thomas Demand, Wim Delvoye, Daniel Douke, Marlene Dumas, Tim Ebner, Joy Feasley, Chris Finley, Mathew Hale, Steve Hanson, Mona Hatoum, Jim Hinz, Julian Hoeber, Martin Honert, Tehching Hsieh, Yvonne Jacquette, Glenn Ligon, Kim Jones, Deborah Kass, Christopher Knowles, Kerry James Marshall, Virgil Marti, Sarah McEneaney, David Reed, Marco Rios, Kay Rosen, Adam Ross, Ed Ruscha, Hinrich Sachs, Judith Schaechter, Carolee Schneemann, Randall Sellers, Jim Shaw, Paul Swenbeck, Jude Tallichet, Dani Tull, Jeffrey Vallance, Marnie Weber, Olav Westphalen, and Fred Wilson.

When I ran into Randall Sellers at the Manna Auction the other night he told me about selecting his childhood work for the show. (He’s one of the local artists included.) Apparently mom Sellers has saved every last scrap of his early doodlings and there are boxes and boxes. I asked Sellers, a rising star with a fine sense of humor, whether his mom was a pack rat — or prescient. Without hesitating a beat he said she was prescient. Sellers is included in a big group show in Tokyo in the fall I believe at Tomio Koyama. That’s at the gallery that shows Yoshitomo Nara and Takashi Murakami.

ICA and newsy sketches
And on the art page, my review of the ICA’s current shows. That is, a review of two out of three of them (Richard Pettibone and the undergraduate curated “Framing Exposure” in the Project Space). I’ll get to “Springtide” another time.
fraser, andrea
(image above is a shot of Andrea Fraser‘s video piece, “Frank’s Big Fish” a hilarious send-up of the art world’s lust for Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Bilbao)

(below is a Pettibone painting — in miniature — of an album cover featuring Beach Boy Brian Wilson)
Below the review in sketches, which has turned into a newsflash paragraph over the last couple months, these fun items: Sarah McEneaney, one of artblog’s all time favorite artists, will be at Skowhegan in Maine this summer — as a resident artist and critic; Locks Gallery is opening a roof-top sculpture garden this fall; and, because the global village is here and now, news of a great, free art site for artists all around the globe to show work — ArtProcess.


John-Paul Delaney wrote us here at artblog announcing his site and encouraging artists to submit work for inclusion. I checked out the site and liked what I saw especially Delaney’s painted sculpture and was intrigued so I wrote him back and asked him how he got on to artblog and what he was doing with artprocess. Turns out he’s a global thinker looking to create community. (image below is Delaney‘s “Wheel Fragment” which looks like a half of a monster’s toothy grin on its side)

Here’s what he told me in his email (which should be read with an Irish lilt):

Well, when I stumbled upon artblog I was drawn in right away. Finally
some stimulating art writing on the web – sound bites of readable and useful discourse with Philadelphia the excuse, but WWW the reason.

But sure you’re only at the start of your journey – just wait ’til they ask you to curate the Venice Biennial (I’m not joking)…[ed. note: We accept. Bring on the invitation.]
Are you familiar with the art scene here in Roma? I’ve always gotten the impression that they like everything that comes from outside and don’t really encourage the young Roman artists. There are some nice spaces but noone’s tapped into or nutured a native vibrancy. It’s a real pity, as everyone passes through here sooner or later, and the kids are as bored and malcontent (recipes for creativity) as any good northern European city kids.
delaney, john-paul

As for artprocess, we need the stimulus of the work (and criticism) of our peers, be they critics, art-workers or both, and this is my attempt to reach out. We’re all
facing up individually to the same questions, but we’ll need to share our attempts at
answers if the goal is to arrive at some concept of collective worthiness. I’m wondering (with artprocess) if it’s possible to forge a way of communication this way, and looking at artblog tells me “it just may be possible”.

Check out artprocess and see if it’s for you. The website, in addition to hosting artist webpages, seems to have an online forum you can participate in.