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Cash poor hit the jackpot

We’re happy to report that we didn’t die of the heat at InLiquid’s Art for the Cash Poor event in Old City on Saturday. We’re also happy to report that we made some money! and finally we’re happy to report that the young lady exhibitor who was suffering from the weather at the table next to us revived.

And finally, finally, we’re very happy to report that we met Martin Bromirski, father of one of the blogs we like to visit, anaba. Here’s Bromirski’s weekend odyssey. The former Philadelphia artist and current inliquid member now based in Richmond VA piled himself into a Greyhound bus, tumbled into the art fair and set up his table, ran around looking for us because we were on his list of people to see, met us, wanted a painting, ran to the cash machine, came back and bought a painting (for which we are incredibly grateful, so much so that we gave him all our beer tickets), he drank four beers, asked us to be in his thumbs up project* and planned to head on home on the bus that night so he could report for his job the next morning as a whitewater river raft captain on the James River.

(Pictured top is Bromirski with his own painting, and next is Bromirski with our painting.)

*See this anaba post for a sample of Bromirski’s thumbs up project in which he snags world renowned artists and writers (like us and Inka Essenhigh, Daniel Buren, Jonathan Franzen) to pose with his paintings in thumbs up position.

We liked the project so much that we asked him to do his own thumbs up of his paintings, something he hadn’t done before. Then he suggested he’d pose with thumbs up for our “So True: Artforum, Sept. 2020, Art in America, 2020” which he had just purchased. Click here to see a close up detail of our work.