Philly’s 2005 Skowhegan connection

I pick up mail at the Weekly oh, say, once a month. So occasionally I get news items late. But some news is great to get no matter how late arriving. Like the press release from Skowhegan dated May 12 announcing the class of 2005, a group of 65 artists chosen from 1,427 applications — the biggest applicant pool ever (and the smallest acceptance rate — five percent).

The elite 65, I am happy to say, includes seven artists who have or had Philly connections. Some I know, or know of, and some I’m not familiar with. Here’s the Philly seven:

Rachel Frank, Ana Hernandez, Isaac Lin, Jennifer Macdonald, Binod Shrestha, Jessica Slaven and Jina Valentine

Congratulations to all!

The Skowhegan program is a 9-week artists’ residency in Skowhegan, Maine. The 2005 artists were selected by this summer’s faculty members Ellen Gallagher, Sarah McEneaney (another Philadelphia connection), Oliver Herring and Maria Elena Gonzalez working with members of the Board of Governors including Janine Antoni, Emma Amos, Beverly Semmes, Daniel Bozhkov, Lois Dodd, Joyce Kozloff and Whitfield Lovell.