Weekly update – surreal sculpture

Today’s Weekly has my review of the Main Line Art Center‘s “Rearranged/Redefined,” a sculpture show that gives me some hope for the future of the medium.

The Main Line Center, by the way, along with Abington Art Center art two of the region’s premier community art centers. Their programming, which has merited them both PEI grant money (MLAC got some for an art/history project last year and Abington got some for “The Lost Meeting,” opening Sunday, June 5 at 5 p.m.), dips into experimental territory, something almost unheard of outside of university galleries.

(image right is Steve Donegan‘s “Liar Chair” an electroplated relic of some domestic war or other. I love its stateliness coupled with the hint of raw emotion in the left (rams horn) leg and the right withered stump — almost like the chair was beating up on itself. )

I won’t say too much more because I know Libby’s going to weigh in on the show too. The exhibit’s up to June 8 so stop on out there if you’re in the neighborhood. Some of the work’s kitsch but mostly the show’s solid. And I lost my heart to Billy Blaise Dufala‘s cheese grater, “Monster X” shown here (left) trying to peek in the art center’s window. Libby told me “Monster X” appeared in the Dufala brothers exhibit at Space 1026 a while back. I’m looking for a link to what she wrote and will put it in when I find it. Meanwhile here’s a post of mine that contains information about an anti-war installation Billy Blaise and brother Steven did at the late Spartaco Gallery.