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Weekly update – Voxennial, new Tyler dean


My review of “Voxennial” the 33-artist show of emerging talent at Vox Populi Gallery is in today’s Weekly. Here. Basically I think it’s a great show with lots of energy and some surprises (like Marina Borker, post-MFA, painting an outstanding surreal image on wood instead of making reductivist tape on wall landscapes, which actually, come to think of it, were pretty surreal and at the end in her Fleisher Challenge exhibit in 2000, rather painterly.) Here’s Libby’s post on Voxennial. She ran an image of Borker’s painting.
I’d run images of the entire show if I thought it would get people in. Will it? Or will you feel like you’ve seen it now and don’t need to go. I can’t decide.

I’m just running two of the many things that tickled me — Nick Paparone and James Dillon‘s “Dungeon Rug” (top image) very black and very on the floor and very much by two of the founders of Black Floor gallery and collective; and Nancy Lewis‘s pink bar napkin imprinted with the words “this is very serious” and the image of the drawing of her dog (sorry the image is fuzzy.) (below) Maybe check out the show at Vox’s wine tasting fundraiser on Saturday, June 25 from 4-7 pm, followed by live music at the semi-regular event, Musica Populi at 8 pm. Playing are Comets On Fire, Growing, Gang Gang Dance and Bloodlines. See Gallery’s website for more.
And in sketches today the announcement of the naming of Tyler School of Art’s new dean, Keith Morrison, from the College of Creative Arts at San Francisco State University. More info about him in sketches.

And news of Fleisher Art Memorial‘s finalists for the walkway competition to create a coherent campus between Fleisher’s two-buildings and a parking lot campus. The finalists: two of Artblog’s favorite artists, Mei-Ling Hom and Jennie Shanker (in collaboration with Anna Forrester). The artist’s reception and viewing of the two finalists’ designs is Thursday, June 16, 5:30-7:30 pm at Fleisher’s Center for Works on Paper, 705 Christian St. The winner will be announced Friday.