Lost again

[Ed. note: This post comments on “The Lost Meeting” at Abington Art Center. See my post for more about getting lost, and see our “Lost Meeting” thread at the left for more comments on the project. If you’re going out there be advised that the Art Center’s building is on summer hours, although that’s not reflected on the website. What that means is no Saturday hours for the gallery. While you can see the outdoor exhibits (as many as you can find) the indoor component is not available on Saturday.]

Post by Abigail Doan
I visited the Abington Art Center this past weekend to tour the woods and view “The Lost Meeting”. I agree that more signs are needed as I wandered a bit too far and was reprimanded by a groundskeeper on an adjacent property. The woods are indeed very magical and one wants to chance upon the installations rather than follow a bread crumb trail. I have to confess, though, that a less perceptive visitor might have a difficult time finding some of the pieces, particularly “The Lost Meeting” and Roy Staab‘s piece.

(top image is the Quaker meetinghouse in which “The Lost Meeting” resides. Left is one of Joan Bankemper‘s ceramic pieces on the grounds in the exhibit “Passages” up now to Nov. 23.)

— Abigail Doan is a New York artist who calls herself an environmental tinkerer. Her work involves, among other strategies, interventions in the environment made with degradable materials. Doan, who knows Abington Curator Amy Lipton through Nurture New York’s Nature visits Philadelphia often for shows. Check out her website.