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Midwest sneak peek


The camera is my buddy and my outlet this week. And I’m deep in flickr-land uploading images. They’re pretty, and I’m going to post them here as flashes of color and Midwest exotica. All the images are on my flickr site and I’ll post links later tonight to the pages where you can see them bigger if you’d like. It’s a travel day for me. More postings tomorrow (I hope).

[Ed. note: this post has been updated now and you can see the images full sized by clicking on the word “bigger” below the image.]

Here’s a shot taken from the plane above Philadelphia’s smog last Wednesday. The air below was thick and hazy. See bigger.

Somewhere over Ohio or Michigan the sunset separated into bands of color. See bigger.

OK, so you know me and birds. Somebody is feeding goldfinches outside my mom’s kitchen window. See bigger.

The money shot. The Calatrava building (addition to Milwaukee Art Museum) I can’t get enough of. See bigger. I’ll have something on the “Cut/Film” exhibit later this week. Synopsis: Christian Marclay rules.

The sky was an electric blue all day. In fact the weather has been very well behaved in Milwaukee. See bigger.