Pcitrue Prefcet

Post from Janet Towbin
[Ed. note: Towbin’s post is about art on the streets of Philadelphia. Towbin’s other street find is chronicled in this earlier post. And here’s another post about street art, a genre we at artblog happen to get all excited about.]

Dear Roberta and libby,
I am sending two more examples of stencil graffiti I have found in Center City. My newest screensaver is “Pcitrue Prefcet” (sic) and it needs no additional commentary other than to tell you I found it on the west side of 21st St. between Spruce and Pine. (I am sorry, but I cannot remember the exact location of it).

I found “Listen to your Dreams and Nightmares” May 5. Yes, it was a very good day—I found quite a treasure! It is stenciled multiple times on Chancellor St. (a small service alley) between 16th and 18th Sts. In fact, one of them is stenciled in Rittenhouse Square Park on the cobblestones in front of a bench, but it is not a full, clear image.


–Janet Towbin is a Philadelphia artist who teaches at Moore College of Art and Design. See a sample of her work here.