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Chris of Zeke’s Gallery, who’s organizing an art blogging panel discussion up in Montreal in September emailed just now to let us know about the thing and to say we were on something called Anna’s grid. Now i know there’s only one Anna in the art blogosphere and that’s Anna Conti. So I went to her blog, Big Crow, and sure enough there it is, a serendipitous and highly funny grid of the mugs of 36 artbloggers. Libby and I are there, as is J.T. Kirkland (thinking about art), Tyler Green (MAN) , Anna herself (Big Crow), Martin Bromirski (anaba), James Wagner (James Wagner) Joy Garnet (Newsgrist),Carolyn Zick (Dangerous Chunky), Carol Es, Mark Barry, Franklin Einspruch, John Perreault, Cynthia King, Terry Teachout, Todd Gibson, Sarah Hromack
Cinque Hicks
and more (the ones I named are the ones whose blogs I know). About half. Boy do I feel out of it. The virtuoso feat of grabbing photos from google and making them into a grid of hot-linked images is so labor-intensive I can’t imagine it. But I love the idea of outing the writers most of whom are usually completely invisible (and maybe with good reason…do we skew um, old, or what?)


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