Bardo and Rodney tonight in West Philly

Jill Katz of the ICA emailed us to say there were discount tickets for tonight’s World Cafe Live concert with our town’s Bardo Pond and the Canadian artist/singer/performer Rodney Graham whose art exhibit opens at the museum tomorrow.

The concert, which starts at 7:30 pm (doors open at 6 pm), costs $10. But mention the ICA and you get a ticket for $8. Not bad.

World Cafe Live is at 3025 Walnut St. Call for tickets: 215-222-1400.


Here’s the pr blurb about Graham and Bardo Pond:

Since performing in the 1980s with the new wave group UJ3RK5, Canadian conceptual artist Rodney Graham has been increasingly exploring the singer-songwriter persona.

Graham opens for Philadelphia’s leader of the space rock movement, Bardo Pond. Formed in 1991 and named after the occasion of their first show, Pearl Harbor Day, Bardo Pond’s consciousness-expanding agenda combines droning guitars, thick distortion, feedback, and washes of white noise with obscure references to psychedelics, extreme religious states and emotional catharses.


(image is drawing by Bardo Pond member Clint Takeda that I found here on the band’s website. We at artblog are big fans of Takeda, the Gibbonses and Iris Sollenberger, sweet people who make some great art. You can see Takeda’s work in the real world in the upcoming “Alumni of 1801” exhibit at 1801 Howard St. Here’s who’s in that show, all, former residents on 1801 Howard: Shannon Bowser, Kate Brockman, Joy Feasley,Tristin Lowe, Kait Midgett, Sue Patterson, Paul Swenback and Clint Takeda.)