New York happenings; other tidbits

Witmer, real and cyber

First the real world: Contributor and fellow blogger Doug Witmer’s works will be on exhibit at Minus Space in Brooklyn in January (image, “Monk”).

Now the digi world: Right now, his recent work is now featured on the front page of the Minus Space site, accompanied by an essay and extensive interview by the Oakland, Calif., artist and writer Chris Ashley–hey, we know him and his blog, too. A printed catalogue with excerpts from the interview is available for purchase through Minus Space.


More Lohre

You know those cards we all pick up when we visit galleries? Well we picked up one that said Vox Populi artist Bill Lohre (see posts here and here) is in a group show at Moti Hasson Gallery in New York. The exhibit runs to Jan. 21.

In print


My friend Ed Bronstein is featured in an article of Bill Scott in American Artist magazine–six whole pages, including images, of his juicy realistic work! I learned this while wandering around his amazing house with him the other day, during a party. He has quite a collection (including two Fallon and Rosofs that looked really great in there–“My Elvises,” which is a tiny little painting, and “Dolly,” a concrete pillow on casters) (image, Bronstein’s “Wet Winter Morning in Grays Ferry,”).witmer, douglaslohre, williambronstein, ed