Art theft

Two pieces of art were stolen from Antonio Puri’s exhibit at the Philadelphia Art Alliance on New Years Eve (see post on exhibit). If you watched Channel 10 (news story link here) on New Years Day, or if you read the Daily News, you might know that the disaster of a party there ended in some sort of fracas and lots of disgruntled partiers–some of whom absconded with paintings.

Puri’s girlfriend, Mariela Perez, wrote:

There were 2 pieces was Mini-Dharma 2 and one was Mukti 5. None of the pieces have been returned. The pieces are valued at $1,300 combined. They were both smaller pieces (probably ones that could fit under someone’s coat!!)(image, “Mukti 5,” 12 x 12 inches).

Anyone with any information please contact Melissa Caldwell at the Art Alliance or Antonio directly,