"Mix" talks


Rock-star-status video artist Cory Arcangel, who has work at the Temple Gallery’s “Mix Show,” will be talking at the Arden Theater tonight at 6 p.m., to be followed by a reception for the artist.

“Mix,” a show of recent videos by six artists with strong music influences (see Roberta’s post here), is one of those rare shows in which the whole is greater than the parts. And one of the best parts is a collaboration between Arcangel and Frankie Martin that had me laughing out loud (top image from Arcangel and Frankie Martin’s video, “414-3-RAVE-95”). .

The talk is the first in a series of three by “Mix” video artists. The others are Phyllis Baldino, Monday, Jan. 30, and Tony Cokes, Monday, Feb. 6, both also at the Arden at 6 p.m.


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