New arts publication in town


Legendary local editor Dan Rottenberg, whose Welcomat offered a lively mix of opinion and politics, has just come out with a new online magazine on the arts, The Broadstreet Review. Last time we talked, Rottenberg was hoping to get it up and running in November, I think. Better late than never. It looks handsome, indeed, and fills a need for coverage of the more traditional and classical art, music and performance in town.

Its first issue leads with a piece by Robert Zaller on why moving the Barnes is a big mistake, even as he admits that the Barnes board and management screwed up big time. (For some reason he thinks they’ll do better if left to their own devices). Zaller’s argument about the Barnes move swallowing inordinate quantities of local arts funding dollars, thereby starving other local art institutions, is his strongest point.

Hooray for more art coverage. Given the piss-poor amount of in-print coverage these days, online is gaining daily in the importance of its reviews.


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