Report from Yerba Buena, Part 2

[Here is Gallerist Shelley Spector‘s second report from the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco where she is curating and helping to install Space 1026‘s entry into the Peer Pleasure 1 exhibit which opens tomorrow. Part one of her report is here.]

Q Where are you staying?


SS Space kids are staying at Hotel Maxwell not the Savoy (I have no idea where I got that from)

(image is Spector (l) and Ben Woodward installing Adam Wallacavage‘s photos. Wallacavage is the documentarian of the group and a great street photographer. His first exhibit at Spector was a wall-spanning grid of photos.)

Q how many hours a day are you all working?


SS It’s been roughly 10 am to 10 pm. Wednesday we’ll meet up at 9 am because all the wheatpasting has to be done by 12 noon because we have to have enough time to let it dry before paintings and other art can get hung on top. (image is Courtney Dailey working)

Q Met any Yerba people you’d like to mention?


Yerba staff has been really nice, supportive and helpful. They have tons of resources here, and I think we will all come back spoiled from all of the good treatment and extra hands. I want to tuck two of the installation staff in my suitcase and bring them back to Philly. (image is the poster installation wall which seems to show every Space 1026 poster ever made.)

There has been lots of documentation going on. Some video. Some for various websites (including Juxtapoz which is doing a piece for the Magazine too).


Lots of pictures being taken of people taking pictures. (image is Clint Woodside cutting screen print images)

Q anything else you want to share?


SS Today was a pivotal day. You can pretty much see what the final product will look like even though there is more to do. (image is the final product coming along — the main wall with lots of installers installing)


It got a tiny bit stressful. We conflicted over a school of fish that runs through part of the exhibit. Ben said we had “Fishues.” (image is Woodward‘s lobby installation, complete and installed.)