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Running from the big 3-0

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In the last week, I’ve seen three exhibits that excite and incite with their fun art and excellent curating. “O” the MatCH-art-curated exhibit at SICA (more on that very soon), “Parts to the Whole” curated by Elizabeth Grady at Vox (see Libby’s post and I’ll have more about that too) and “Logan’s Run” honcho’d by Damian Weinkrantz at Padlock. (I photographed all the shows and they’re all at flickr. If you want to go see just click on the picture above.)

Running with Logan

“Logan’s Run,” a 23-artist round-up, is focused on the 1970’s sci-fi movie “Logan’s Run” starring Michael York. The pre-Star Wars movie (which has some great visuals in addition to some laugh out loud low-tech stuff meant to evoke a high tech future) invents a world in which people are hunted down and killed before they turn 30. The movie is unintentionally camp and very engaging.

Weinkrantz, himself on the cusp of third decadehood, asked each of the artists (also in the same age range) to see the movie and make a new piece in response — and to price it for sale to appeal to the under-30 crowd (cheap). The resulting show is funny (a little), camp (a little), earnest (a little) and full of downright beautiful art — at drop-dead great prices.

(image is Curator Weinkrantz demonstrating Max Lawrence‘s interactive circuit board “Runners Renewal.” Look at it big and you’ll see delicate screen printed imagery of a decorated face.)

Look for part two of this post later today. And to see Logan’s Run the exhibit contact Weinkrantz by email at