The liberta awards

artblog laughs a little, cries a little for another year in artland and hereby hands out some awards and marks some passages.

artblog laughs a little, cries a little for another year in artland and hereby hands out some awards and marks some passages.


Tim Hawkinson, motorized portrait
Tim Hawkinson for president. Here’s his campaign poster.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude for co-vice presidents.


Best retirement news. Ed Sozanski retires from the Inquirer
Worst retirement news. Ed Sozanski retires from the Inquirer

Artblog trifecta award. Zoe Strauss
gets arrested, delivers feminine hygiene products to the ladies on the Gulf Coast post-Katrina, and gets into the Whitney Biennial 2006. We don’t think the three events are connected but are connecting them here.

Artblog stalking victims:
Zoe Strauss
Hermann Nitsch
Rob Matthews

Hump the column award: Andrea Fraser critiques Bilbao in “Frank’s Big Fish.”


Damp hankie award: Saga of Chuck and Iris, our own New Orleans Katrina victims

Damp hankie art junkie award: Kisses to Brent Burket, artblog New York correspondent, who’s unafraid to weep at the sight of beauty, and who tells us all about it. Here’s one of his great posts.

The reaches-the-edge-of-the-paper award: Randall Sellers for the first time expands beyond one inch of dead center and makes another stunning jewel.


Sink or swim award: Sink magazine which sank as far as we can tell.

The whazzup award:City Paper seems to drop the ball on visual arts coverage.

Whazzup award runner-up: Inquirer limits Friday Weekend section art reviews to two shorties.

We don’t get it award.
Friends of Barnes who keep sending us press releases about ways to keep the Barnes in Lower Merion.

New talent we like:
Ianthe Jackson
Althea Murphy-Price
Nick Lenker
Sarah Stolfa
Alex da Corte
Nick Paparone and Jamie Dillon
Andrew Prayzner
Walter Benjamin Smith 2
Matt Bollinger

Best performance by a painter in a gallery: Rah Crawford saws up a painting he didn’t sell, at Qbix Gallery.

Best transformation of a mountain into a boulder: Nick Paparone and Jamie Dillon’s Everest which became the grafitti boulder in the Ben Franklin 300th anniversary show at Nexus.

Best Santa look-alike making Satanic cult art: Hermann Nitsch. Yuck.

Best curatorial conceit: The Riley show– Daniel Dalseth’s pairing of Sean Riley and Enrico Riley in “Polar/Solar” at Pageant Gallery.

Snowbird award: Seraphin Gallery sells nine drawings from its off-season show, “Out of Line,” and then Tony Seraphin tells Artblog he’s giving up on Philadelphia and might move his gallery to Florida.

Best bee show: Aaron Levy’s disquisition on the archive, which sticks like honey to our brains. (In case you’re wondering, we heard that Slought will not fold its tent after five years, as originally planned by the gang of three, Levy, Oswaldo Romberg and Jean-Pierre Rabate.)

Double indemnity award: Jane Irish’s Operation RAW which retried the Vietnam War and declared it guilty.

Best meat cleaver art in the city: Barry Le Va at the ICA.

Best Canadian stoner art: Rodney Graham also at the ICA. We didn’t think we would, but we loved it, and some of us have never even been to Canada.

artblog suggests Pew winners before the fact:
Samantha Simpson
Terry Adkins
Paul Santoleri
Nadia Hironaka
Rain Harris
Shelley Spector
Roxana Peres-Mendez

New curatorial energy awards:

Robert Cozzolino at PAFA
Amy Lipton at Abington

PMA double daily double award: four snappy curators
Carlos Basualdo and Robert Storr,
Michael Taylor and Kate Ware

RIP Gilbert Building:
The Convention Center expansion is killing 1315 Cherry St., Philadelphia’s only stacked art-gallery building, leaving FWM, Vox, Asian Arts, Highwire and several artists homeless.

Royal order of art bloggers award:
Brent Burket
Mark Barry
Vince Romaniello
Rob Matthews
Ben Volta
Dayton Castleman
JMG blog
jt kirkland
anna conti
carol es
chris ashley
douglas witmer
Tim McFarlane
the omnipresent dynamo (how does she do it?) Zoe Strauss.
p.s. we started still another blog. can you believe it? It’s called Visiting Artists Project.

Galleries spring up all over the place: or at least we finally notice them:
339 Gallery
Cafe Loftus
Carbon 14
Art Star
Black Floor
Padlock Gallery
1801 Howard St.
AIR Space Gallery
(We even saw an art show in Sean Stoops’ apartment.)

Grants, in case you forgot:
Guggenheim for Judith Schaechter
Anonymous was a Woman grant to Sarah McEneaney

Pews fellowships went to:
Astrid Bowlby
Gerald Cyrus, Jr.
Melissa Ho
Zoe Strauss
Barbara Attie and Janet Goldwater
Pablo Colapinto
Cheryl Hess
Filmon Mebrahtu
Joshua Mosley

Skowhegan residencies
for Philly artists:
Rachel Frank
Ana Hernandez
Isaac Lin
Jennifer Macdonald
Binod Shrestha
Jessica Slaven
Jina Valentine

–Over and out and into 2006. Happy New Year!! If you read artblog you too are a winner!