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Yerba report, part 4


[Ed. note: This is Shelley Spector‘s fourth report on installing the Space 1026 work at the Yerba Buena Center. Here’s part 1, part 2 and part 3 of her report.]

Finishing touches and personal aesthetics
Thursday, Jan. 12


We all came on today to do the last few things. Shane Montgomery, who headed up the installation from Yerba side, put a 2′ x 20′ blue tape rectangle on the floor that we were allowed to keep our stuff in till 11 am. Anything outside the rectangle got ditched. (image is Jesse Goldstein‘s sneaker installation in the lobby.)

We had till about 11:30 to keep stuff in the rectangle. After that, it got ditched.


I came in early to shoot some pictures of the finished installation and finish up my stuff. We all left at different times. when I split at 3PM Max Lawrence and Jesse O were still tinkering. I have to shoot a few more bits tomorrow. (image is the “party” section of the wall)

I headed out to my first non-Yerba/Space1026 experience. Berin Golonu, assistant visual arts curator, hooked me up an appointment to get my hair cut by Jess Cabral at Elevations Salon. Berin rescued me, feeling my urgency to deal with my aesthetics after spending the week dealing with Space 1026’s. (image is left of the “party” section)

Jess was great, Elevations was super fancy. Please go visit him if you are in San Francisco and need a good haircut and conversations. (image is Spector and Cabral at Elevations)


I got to run through The Luggage Store before the opening where I saw a bunch of cut paper pieces. I realized I alot of folks are cutting paper. I think Kara Walker is having a trickle down. (image is middle section of the wall at Yerba)


The opening was real nice. In from Philly for the event were Space 1026ers – Caitlin Perkins, Liz Rywelski, Mary Chen and Adam Wallacavage. I think that is everybody. (image is Wallacavage in front of Space 1026 wall)


When I walked in some guard said I couldn’t take pictures in the gallery unless I had a press pass — of course the Spacers scrounged one up. (that’s Jesse Goldstein with the pink press pass)

(Installation by Wang Du in Yerba’s first floor. (detail))