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Game land


Email from John Murphy

A still life from the series That Way the Feeling Never Ends, by John Murphy

[L: I asked John Murphy if he played with video games after I suggested that his art reminded me of video game landscapes–see post. Here’s what he answered:]

I don’t play them, but find the reference really interesting. I had read somewhere recently (and this might not be news, but it was to me) that there are game designers who are creating these alternate possibilities to their games. The idea is that gamers can travel outside of the games intention and explore other areas in the environment that is separate from the games intention.

For example, if a car race is the game’s intention you may be able to take the car off the road and into an alternative landscape where new visuals / experiences exist. You would only know to do it if you explored the game on your own.

It is interesting to me, because when I was young I was always interested in the “environments” in the games and would often (after hours and hours of playing) dismiss the games’ intention and switch my focus to exploring the virtual landscape or interiors. Guess I’m not alone…

–Artist John Murphy is currently in an exhibition at Peng Gallery