The Trouble With Spikol


Liz Spikol

I’ve been meaning to sing the praises of The Trouble with Spikol, a blog with heart written by one of Philadelphia’s best, PW Managing Editor Liz Spikol. The blog’s subtitled “a blog about mental health,” and indeed Liz writes about her own struggle with bipolar disorder and depression and about the state of mental health coverage in America. She is one of the few who covers that territory from the inside and she does it with insight and sensitivity, outrage and a kind of poetic rawness that makes you sigh and grit your teeth and sometimes tear up when you’re reading.

Liz also has a great sense of the absurd and is a complete news-a-holic with a nose for politics and a love of art. Her blog is picture rich and has great posts like this one which deconstructs the visuals of the latest State of the Union address finding a flag’s worth of colors in Bush, Cheney and Hastert’s ties and shirts. Anyway, highly recommended reading is Spikol’s blog. And a disclaimer of sorts, Liz was the arts and entertainment editor at the Weekly a while back and I worked under her excellent editorship.


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