TV star and a Philly triple

Got two more emails worth noting:

Bridgette Mayer
of the Bridgette Mayer Gallery will be featured on CNN’s “On the Rise” Wednesday, March 8, 10-12 p.m. (EST). A featured story will also be airing on CNN’s website on Thursday, March 9.

“On the Rise” is a series about successful business owners.

Diane Burko’s Palami Pali with David Okita, #2, inkjet print

A Philly triple

A triple Philadelphia connection is working over at Tufts University, where the Philadelphia Art Alliance’s former Curator Amy Schlegel is showing work by Philadelphia painter and photographer Diane Burko, Feb. 9 to April 2, Koppelman Gallery. The third Philadelphia connection is the show will travel to the Michener Museum in Doylestown, June 10-October 15, 2006. Here’s my favorite part of the description that accompanied the email:

Instead of inventing landscapes as a reflection of interior states of mind—a much more common practice nowadays in the art world—Diane Burko is an uncommon artist-explorer of the majesty of the land and its psychological and spiritual effects on us.