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Vimeo on demand

Vimeo video clip by Jakob Lodwick who is spinning on his office chair and lip synching to a dance tune. Sweet!

Artnerd, one of my flickr friends sent me a link to vimeo a free video sharing site that’s run on the flickr model. (Jakob Lodwick conceived the site and the team of Lodwick and Zach Klein brought it to life a year ago. They say they have 27,000 users who’ve uploaded more than 40,000 clips now.)

You get 20 megs of free disk space per week for your videos on vimeo, and the interface is very friendly: They encourage comments, tags, and an atmosphere of camaraderie, otherwise known as you pat my back and I’ll pat yours.

I spent a tiny bit of time there this morning and loved these two clips, one by Lodwick himself that’s positively sunny, showing him and Klein dancing in their seats and lip synching to a zippy, happy pop dance tune. (picture above)

Ladybug video by Megan Hines

The other one I like is a Swarm-esque abstraction showing a closeup of a tray of very pretty ladybugs. That piece is by Megan Hines who is also a flickr and lives in Madison, WI (hipsville).

I’m hip but not all that hip. I’d not heard of vimeo. But then I was the last woman standing who didn’t know about Homestar Runner a few years back.

You Tube
On my hunt to put this post together I found that vimeo’s not the only free video sharing site out there. This AP article by Anick Jesdanun from the Buffalo News mentions vimeo — and another site, You Tube, also started a year ago. There must have been something in the cyber water.

Turtle, a You Tube video by turtle06 that shows a middle-aged turtle auditioning for a part in a movie. The guy’s got a foreign accent and the whole thing is completely deadpan which makes it sweet and wacky. By the way, turtles are hot on home videos, there are some 472 turtle videos in their database.

You Tube is more commercial (there’s a rating system you can apply to the videos) and not as arty and college-kid nerdy as vimeo. But it’s here that you’ll find some of those movie parodies that seem to circulate and make people happy. Like for example the Brokeback Star Wars which actually is not too great, give it a B (my son Max had sent me a Brokeback to the Future that was much better.)

This one however is pretty funny — riffing on the recent Dick Cheney hunting accident: The Hunting Crashers.

Anyway, that’s it. Just a little Friday techno-news blast from the carpel tunnel trenches where we mouse around to save you the pain. Enjoy!