Brad Pitt on the telly


I just have to put this out there. My guys are the best spotters of word play ever. Steve noticed it first when they had lunch at a nearby sports bar and the tv was on (no sound). When they came home, Max took a few pictures of it — the contest between BRAD and PITT. That’s Bradley University versus University of Pittsburgh in NCAA basketball action.

Max, who was triple tasking at the time, watching the game, writing dialog for his web comic Fade Resistant and drawing and uploading pictures for said comic, paused his computer to tell me that Bradley won 72-68. Bradley, which we hadn’t heard of before, is in the Missouri Valley Conference and located in Peoria, Illinois.

Max’s comic, published on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, is a post-death scenario involving a repo-man. Right now there’s a Superman-like character who just lost his job and is drinking in a bar….I have to recommend it. I’m his mom and I think it’s pretty neat.


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