First Friday ice cream treat

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Billy Blaise Dufala handing out ice cream at Space 1026 Friday night. Click picture to see it bigger.

Leave it to the Dufala brothers, Steven and
Billy Blaise
, to bring a big truck inside — and not only inside but up a steep flight of stairs to the 2nd floor gallery. In their new installation at Space 1026 the forlorn yet majestic used vehicle — brought in piece by piece according to what Billy Blaise told me — has been modified with some tank-like guns on the front of it.

The Dufala’s use anti-militarist imagery in their work routinely. They also use found objects — like the truck here, and like a great metal dumpster that appeared on the porch at Main Line Art Center a while ago in some group show of emerging artists. The dumpster was lined with white velvet and had some filagree Victorian-esque etching on the sides.


Anyway, this truck is now an ice cream tank and many lined up for treats. Billy Blaise worked as fast as he could dishing the sloppy stuff (no refrigerator in the truck — what do you want, they got it up there).

Meanwhile, at the front desk, Max Lawrence was selling the new Space 1026 book, a small, hard-bound, photo-rich tome called Pulling Teeth that comes wrapped in a hand-made screen print (and packaged in a ziplock bag). Sells for $20 — a steal.

I’ve got a bunch more pictures from First Friday, including some from Vox Populi and PAFA’s Morris Gallery in a flickr set. I’ll have another post on Vox and PAFA soon I hope. So little time so much work…Yeesh.