Is your life worth a painting?

From the isn’t the internet amazing department: Fletcher Moore, a web developer from Roslindale, MA, wrote us about an inaccuracy in a previous post . He found the mistake when he was looking for lyrics to a song by the Minutemen. Huh?

How did he wind up at Artblog? All he knew was the lyric, “Is your life worth a painting?” and our post includes that lyric because it was the name of an exhibit in Dublin. Our post says the show’s title came from a song by the Butthole Surfers.

The song in question is called “Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing” and it’s by the Minutemen. Here are two links Moore sent, one is the complete lyric the other is a link to a documentary film on the Minutemen that will be touring the country.

I know many of you are music lovers, so I thought you might find the interweaving of art and music, albeit in a mistaken attribution, kind of interesting. Moore said the song includes his all time favorite lyric: “If we heard mortar shells, we’d cuss more in our songs, and cut down on guitar solos.” …which is followed by a guitar solo, he said.

But the issue of the monetary value of life and art is especially pertinent in a climate where the market seems to be driving things. How do you answer the question? Are you worth it, as they say on the L’Oreal commercials?