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Philly art in the news


Brian Wallace of the Galleries at Moore College points out there are two reviews in newspapers today of the aromatic (coffee-scented) Artur Barrio exhibition at Moore. [Aside to Brian: We at artblog will cover this, honestly, Brian. But we’ve been swamped.]

Anyway, Here’s Roberta Smith‘s kind review calling the work — rightly — all about impermanence, in today’s NY Times.


…a rather valiant, touching and surprisingly effective attempt to excavate an often intangible career. Its centerpiece is “Rehearsal of Monotony (Philadelphia),” an immense installation in which the primary fact is coarsely ground coffee underfoot. More on this later, but it smelled great.

And here’s Ed Sozanski‘s less than happy review (acid tummy maybe?) in today’s Inquirer.


The 61-year-old Barrio must be the most frustrating and maddeningly opaque artist I have encountered in nearly three decades of professional art watching. His exhibition at Moore is nearly impenetrable, and not only because it’s presented primarily in Portuguese. There are wall labels in English, but they don’t go very far toward explaining what this work is about. Is it possible that no one is really certain?

Meanwhile, New York (and Washington, too) love Zoe Strauss!!

Zoe’s blog links to a triad of good reviews/mentions for her Whitney Biennial show!

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