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Space ship design

The beta-test of the video projection on the Visitor’s Center.

Hilary Jay, director of The Design Center at Philadelphia University and co-founder of DesignPhiladelphia, the international design festival opening April 1, wrote us last night with some news about one aspect of the 9-day event that I’m excited about — the projection of video on the old Visitors Center building in Love Park. You know, that space ship-like glass, metal and concrete affair on the corner of JFK and 16th that’s been empty for years. Outdoor movies at night? Free, public, pretty? Excellent.

Klip Collective, the local activist design team, worked on the project which got its beta test Sunday night. Here’s a link to a quicktime clip that shows video scrolling around the building.

Image is a mock-up of the Muybridge-type imagery that will play on the little round building April 7-9.

The beta test is just the introduction tag and not the whole video, Jay said: “The actual three to four minute clip that will be on display April 7 -9, 2006 will have Muybridge- type zoetropic images combined with shots from the city and other imagery.”

Art and design’s boundaries have been blurred for many years now and all that matters is if a thing is good or not. I’m looking forward to seeing Klip’s clips running on the Visitor’s Center. Not only will it wake up that sleepy space but who knows, if there’s money or a sponsor out there for it, there could be video projections at the VC all year round. Now there’s a good idea.