Make way for duckling!


Boston duckling and adult care givers on the banks of River Charles. Click to see bigger.

We did alot of walking over the BU Bridge between our hotel in Cambridge and the Boston University campus over the last few days. On the banks of the Charles River (which separates Cambridge and Boston) right at the BU Bridge is a flock of white ducks who apparently live there. The bridge –which is a car and pedestrian bridge and also has an abandoned-looking railroad bridge under it — is covered with grafitti tags. When I saw the baby duck with all its moms I got so excited– this being the town of Robert McCloskey‘s Make Way for Ducklings –that I had to get the shot. Only later did I realize the other white dots in the photo were a litter of spray paint cans abandoned by the flock of grafittistas.

I will be uploading a few more Boston pix at flickr later today. Happy day, y’ll!


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