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Prose graveyard but illustration heaven

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Once dubbed the graveyard of American prose, the NY Times Sunday Magazine has gone on recently to become one of the hot spots for young artists and photographers to do their things.

Here, in an illustration that’s weird and un-illustrational — I mean just what is going on here? –Marcel Dzama gets some cover time for a story on tissue and organ and blood sampling by doctors and hospitals. (As in where are they taking my samples and what are they doing with them?)

Dzama gets two more pages inside.

It’s a nice weaving together of an odd story with an artist whose touch is likewise odd.

The Times of course runs regular Chris Ware full-page comix these days, too.

What Ware and Dzama have in common is a morbid sense of humor, which, I guess goes fine with a magazine considered a graveyard. I’m not sure I’ll read the article but I sure like the illustrations.