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Threepenny Opera does Cabaret


Threepenny Opera – Review – Theater – New York Times

Neon over broadway. Alan Cummings as Mack the Knife, Cyndi Lauper as Pirate Jenny. Courtesy of NY Times audio slide show.

Steve and I bought tickets months ago because we love the music, had seen a marvelous production at Lincoln Center many years ago…and thought, with Wallace Shawn as providing a new translation — he of My Dinner with Andre and Vanya on 42nd St. — it would have to be another great production.

Apparently they’ve “Cabareted” it up with crotch grabbing and sexual slithering. They’ve put neon signs behind the actors as stage decor…and we’ll let you know what we think on Monday. I’m holding my judgment but I’ll say right now that this is not my vision of Mack the Knife.