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Speak here in Dutch

In Chris Vecchio and Nicole Cousino’s Speakhere!, the speakers are in a park, two kilometers from the busy street corner where the microphone invites input from passersby.

Email from artist Chris Vecchio:

It came together at the last minute, but next week I will be going to Amsterdam to repeat SPEAKHERE!, my collaboration with Nicole Cousino.

The piece will be part of Pixels of Reality at the PSWAR gallery: Opening reception 7PM Thursday May 18th

and also…

in Philadelphia,”Coin-op Assemblage,” an installation by Chris Vecchio continues until June 2nd, 2006–Flashing lights, bells, whistles, a car horn, two prepared TVs, strobe lights, multiple Jacob’s ladders, and a fan – I really cleaned out the garage for this one.

Location: The Off the Wall Gallery at Dirty Franks, 13th and Pine Streets, 11 am to 2 am,7 days a week

(Finally a gallery with convenient hours!)