West Philadelphia goes west

My good friend Deborah Gross-Zuchman sent along this list of Philadelphia area artists included in this year’s Art of the State exhibit in Harrisburg. She herself had submitted a political collage that is included in the show.

She noted the large number of artists from West Philadelphia, herself included, and marked them with asterisks:

Elyce Abrams
Jerry Bennett
Eric Callahan
Regina Campbell*
Michael Carr
Giovanni Casadei
Erin Castellan
Ruth Naomi Floyd
Katherine Fraser*
Clark Gibson*
Lorraine Glessner
Deborah Gross-Zuchman*
Daniel Hoffman
Tyler Kline
Gary Koutsoubis
Michelle Lipson
Rob Minervini
James Moore
Susan Myers
Mari Ogihara
Gene Pembroke
Diane Pieri

* West Philly artists