At Ice Box, Cash Poor looks rich

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Nick Kripal and Jille Mandel

Actually, it was the Ice Box and the entire Crane Arts Center that looked rich, Saturday, when we were there to participate in Inliquid’s Art for the Cash Poor local art fair. People kept commenting on how grand and ambitious the building is. They admired all of the rehab work, including several galleries, the beautiful windows, the castle-sized light fixtures–everything. And that doesn’t include what’s upstairs–three floors of artists studios all rented out!

Nick Kripal (see photo) and Richard Hricko, two of the three owners, were there and Roberta caught both of them with her camera. (Libby has a new camera and hasn’t yet figured out how to upload it. Stay tuned). Here’s a link to Roberta’s Flickr site for more people pictures. It’s gossip, people. Check it out.


We sold a lot of work and we’re super happy. Here’s a link to what we put on the table.