Libby and Roberta do Art for the Cash Poor


clockwise from top left: Sperm, All Pass, Red Board. We’ve been making these little paintings since 2000. We call them Useful Art (they fit in your pocket for the most part). Some of them are 1″ x 2″, and a few of them are really large–like 8″ x 8″.

We’re going to be taking part in Inliquid’s Art for the Cash Poor, Saturday. We have some fantastic double-sided acrylic on panel paintings that we’re going to unload for a song ($25 or $50, depending). Here are some samples, and there are way more on our Flickr pages (here’s Roberta’s set; both our sets are exactly the same). Hope to see you at the Ice Box, 1400 American Street. We’ll be on the inside, starting at one and cowering from the sun. We’ll be there for the afternoon.


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