Winging it: that pro Harry Connick takes over

Great little article about a snafu during Wednesday night’s performance of the Pajama Game and how Harry Connick Jr. who plays the lead and is nominated for a Tony Award stepped in to save the night. (By coincidence, I had just heard Connick on Fresh Air yesterday. It must have been a taped interview–there was no mention of Wednesday night’s goings’ on.)

Connick, a great stage presence in his other life as a jazz performer (I saw him at Jazz Fest in New Orleans many years ago and he’s terrific) went out on stage when the curtain thumped down after a set malfunction and talked with the audience for a half hour while the staging problem was fixed. It’s what you do, he said. You keep the audience happy.

Something about that connection with the audience is extraordinary.

Harry Connick Jr. – Theater – New York Times