Wonders of America: USPS thinks outside the envelope

Wonders of America

I went to the post office for stamps yesterday. I love the big stamp sheets so when they had a nice colorful one, “Wonders of America” I snapped it up. The whole thing is super-kitschy and super P.T. Barnum and really, actually, ahem, very George Bush. But it’s also kind of pretty. Then, the clerk said did I want something to put the stamp sheet in I said sure, thinking I’d get one of those nice glasine envelopes they put stamps in.

Wrong. The stamp sheet is so super-sized that it’s too big for the glasine envelopes they use. The clerk put my biggie-stamps in a priority mailing envelope and sent me on my way. I have to wonder about government departments that go gigantisizing things whenever they feel like it and don’t bother to talk with the sister departments who have to house and package the wonderful wondrous humungous American product.


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