Art ambassadors

debbie and phil
Philip Zuchman and Deborah Gross-Zuchman in Colombia; I’m enamored of the way this image came to me, including the slide holder. It’s totally cool that way. The photo also was turned on its side, but I had a serious moment and rotated it.

I’ve written before about my friends Phil and Debbie, and how their life is a piece of their artistic output. Every summer, they go somewhere great to paint. This past summer, they went to Colombia, not too far from Medallin, and stayed in a house owned by Philadelphia mural artist and Colombia native Ana Uribe. By the end of the summer, they had their usual collection of paintings–this summer like last, all landscapes–and somehow they managed to wrangle two shows of their artwork, even though they said they had quite a time making the connections required. As in every summer before this one, everything worked out.

Here are the details:

First, they were invited to exhibit with Colombian artists in the first Salon Independiente De Arte En El Oriente Antioqueno at the Galeria Callejon de San Bartolo in Rionegro Colombia, Aug. 11 to 27.

In addition, the Zuchmans had a two person show, “De Philadelphia Con Amor,” of 40-plus oil paintings of Colombia, at Galeria de Arte Los Communes in La Ceja during the later part of August.

And then, on the 23 of August the two were interviewed on Colombian Radio 101.3 FM. They said there was some language issues but everyone had a good time anyway.

I just got a note from Debbie mentioning a couple of her anti-war collages are in a Works on Paper exhibit opening Sunday across the river in New Jersey at the Perkins Art Center in Moorestown.

Some fyis: Debbie is a project manager for the School District of Philadelphia Mural Arts Project, and Phil is a professor at the Art Institute of Philadelphia and is a cultural ambassador with the U.S. State Department’s Art in Embassies Program (i.e. he has some work hanging in U.S. embassies abroad). Hey, since I’m doing the resume thing here, they both have work hanging in my house!