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Prints and drawings: Japanada at Space 1026


Proving again that they are way connected to the world’s art scene and can deliver the goods, Space 1026 rounded up a sweet show of prints and drawings that create global vibes from disparate geographical locations. Some of the works are political, some are not. The work’s all tacked to the walls so you can get up close and see the fine registration in the multi-color prints and admire the technique of the cut paper works, many of which involve paint as well. The show’s up to Sept. 30

Here’s who’s in the show:

Barbara Schauwecker
Tom Hohmann
Leif Ritchey
Michael Comeau
Leyla Majeri
Celeste Toogood
Yusuke Gunji
Jovi Shnell

I recommend a trip. Ring the bell at 1026 Arch St., 2nd floor…there’s probably someone there to let you in (although I woudn’t expect anybody at say, 10 am, on a Tuesday).

isaac lin
Isaac Lin

Space 1026er Isaac Lin‘s three prints on sheet music reminded me of Stuart Davis — who was born in Philadelphia, btw…how about that? Rhythm and music of the streets.

yusuke gunji
Yusuke Gunji, cut paper, paint, stickers on paper

Yusuke Gunji is a Tokyo-based artist. She was in the Carry On show at Feigen in 2005.

Also in that Feigen show, btw, is of my flickr buddies, Paul Goode whom I’ve been meaning to tell you about. If you like these Japanada images, you must check out Goode’s work, like the drawings made digitally with a vector program….and the drawings made in the real world. Goode made a video of himself making a real world drawing. Both the drawing and the video are nicely done.

Nuvish, (Vishnu rearranged)

Nuvish is an artist I had trouble tracking down online. I believe it’s a guy who must be French or French Canadian. He seems to be hooked up with Le Dernier Cri which is a collective. This print is astounding. It’s Hairy Who does a psychedelic seance and conjures the ghost of George Grosz. Thrilling!

celeste toogood
Celeste Toogood

Celeste Toogood
is a Toronto artist with three prints on mylar that have an animal/spirit/morphing motif. Very beautiful.

See more images from Japanada at my flickr set.