Monday in the studio: Tools

Von R. Glitschka
This poster was created by Von Glitschka for Adobe. The artist made the work using a tool — Adobe Illustrator — he was unfamiliar with and whose learning curve he had to get up under deadline.

I got a great story in the inbox this morning from West Coast illustrator Von R. Glitschka. The tale, which is nicely told and illustrated on his blog (follow the link) is about the artist’s switch from one creative tool (Macromedia Free Hand) to another (Adobe Illustrator) to complete a job. Glitschka is not happy with the new tool and longs to use his old friend Macromedia FH, but he guts it out knowing there is no choice. Even if you’re not a graphic designer you may enjoy the first person narrative of a guy who gets offered the job of a lifetime then has to work with an unfamiliar tool to execute it. As process stories go, it’s pretty classic.


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