Green Line fine line

Jill Galloway Sherman
4 Wires, a giclee print by Jill Galloway Sherman; sorry about the reflections. They were inescapable.

The Green Line Cafe continues to show art of interest on a fairly regular basis. This month it’s work by Jill Galloway Sherman, whose work addresses our relationship to the power grid and its inescapable prevalence.

I especially liked the photos, which are giclee prints, in which elements escape beyond the edges.

Jill Galloway Sherman
One of Sherman’s drawings

I was a little puzzled about the presentation of the drawings, which appeared on close inspection to be print-outs on transparencies. They looked pixilated. I also thought the packaging of the drawings in shadow boxes made them look overly precious, even though the drawings themselves and their subject were not precious at all.

The shadow boxes gave the drawings a clinical air of slides, and suggested that the power grid was a metaphor for neurons. I don’t know that this is really what the artist meant. But the work is more original as power grids.


jill galloway sherman



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