Gross parties: The art of the invitation

The Gross Party
The Gross Party, by Cynthia Roberts

The annual Christmas party invitations are rolling in, but this one, from my friends Dan Biddle and Cynthia Roberts, not only has the image above of the Gross Clinic with cartoon speech bubbles. But the party is a fundraiser.

“Great Art requires Great Friends,” my invitation says. “We are inviting 6,800,000* of our nearest and dearest friends to this year’s holiday open house. Bring 10 bucks. Together we’ll save Thomas Eakins’ ‘Gross Clinic’ for the City of Philadelphia.

*If just 68 of you would bring $1 million each, that would cut down on the canapes.”

If you really have $1 million to donate, I’m betting I can get you an invitation to this party, too (no guarantees, though).

Meanwhile, all you creative people might want to come up with your own brand of fundraiser for the cause.

Here’s how to donate to the fund for the Eakins masterpiece.