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Big Kids Little Kids = Big Idea in Little Book

Big Kids Little Kids
Cover, Big Kids Little Kids, by John Freeborn

Around 18 months ago I wrote a short essay for John Freeborn for a book he was working on about the Philadelphia art scene. John is one of the founders of Space 1026 who later founded 1Pixel Gallery where I first saw the work of Rebecca Westcott, who died tragically in 2004 and is sorely missed.

Freeborn’s book, called Big Kids Little Kids, like many books involving multiple artists all working in collaboration, was a labor of love that was a long time coming to life. But yesterday, John pinged me to say he actually had copies in his hands!! It’s here in town and is available for purchase online or at the ICA on Jan. 19 when the Globally Localized show (in which John is participating along with Space 1026ers and other locally collectivized collectives like Black Floor and Basekamp) opens.

Big Kids Little Kids, Andrew Jeffrey Wright
Andrew Jeffrey Wright’s page. Hysterical! Click to see the image, and to read the words click the all sizes button.

The book, with color pictures and a nice, clean, Q&A interview format, focuses on SPACE1026, 1Pixel, 222gallery and Spector and features artists who have shown in these spaces, both Philadelphians and others. We like lists, so here’s the list of who’s in the book:

Isaac Lin
Thom Lessner
Shelly Spector
Jim Houser
Max Lawrence
Eric McDade
Adam Wallacavge
Andrew Jeffrey Wright
Jeff Weisner
Shepard Fairey
Jesse Goldstein
Clare Rojas
Ben Woodward
John Freeborn
Shelter Serra
Mat Brinkman
Leif Goldberg
Jim Drain
Brian Chippendale
Brian Ralph
Andy Cruz
Dave Delaney
Dan Murphy
Rebecca Westcott
Chris Johansen
Todd St. John
Ryan McGinness
Tim Lewis
Jospeh Hart
Barry McGee
Tom Maher
Rich Jacobs
Neil Rasmussen
Ed Templeton
Jordin Isip
Amy S. Kauffman
Andrew Kuo
Ryan Wallace

The retail price is $20 (plus shipping if you order online).