News from Amy Kauffman

An email from artist Amy S. Kauffman (see previous post)

Hi. I was just writing to inform you that if you go to see my show at
the Painted Bride it’s currently not being shown as originally
intended. (from scratch) opened on Friday, February 2. Between
Friday and Saturday over 20 people either sat on, stepped on or
walked through the 1st floor floor piece. untitled (be mine) made
out of Tootsie Roll wrappers was located pretty central in the
downstairs first floor gallery space. I attempted to put signs up to
not touch or stand on the work, but I’m continually amazed at how the
general public ignores these signs.

Amy S. Kauffman
Kauffman’s rag rug, made of folded tootsie roll wrappers needed to be moved from this central location on the first floor

On Sunday, when the Painted Bride was closed, I went to drop
something off, and they had put a few stantions around the piece, but
the piece was twisted up, unravelling, and very apparently walked
through. After John and I worked on fixing the piece, we finally
decided to move it to a corner space under the stairs and put ropes
and a sign around the entire piece. So the space looks a bit more
cumbersome with the ropes and you don’t get the same perspective from
the stairs looking down to the first floor gallery as I originally

Just wanted to pass on this information. I’m always surprised
whenever I install the stories I gather from each space. Inevitably
people walk through the pieces, mice are attracted to the work,
people pick up and rip open pieces to try and find what’s inside, and
the spaces in which I’ve shown are completely mortified by the events
that take place with the artwork.

–email from Amy Kauffman