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We’ve adopted a cause


We just heard about this sweet little site called Donors Choose, that raises funds for teachers who have some project they otherwise could not provide their students.

Living here, the City of Brotherly Love and its poor schools inspired us to help a teacher who wants to buy subscriptions to Time for Kids news magazine for her students this year. All she needs is $286! We thought, hey, we could accomplish this for her!

What’s in it for you?

The reader who gives the most will win a free ad for a year on Artblog (one of the small ones on the right-hand column). If there’s a tie, winners can split the time on the ad.

Here’s the link to the description of her project at Jones Middle School in Port Richmond.

How to donate

We figure if every Artblog reader donated $5 or $10, we should be able to raise it in no time, and if we overshoot, we’ll donate the excess to another Philadelphia teacher’s project as well. Here’s where to donate!

The whole project is based on bloggers as citizens, so if you’ve got a blog and a cause you care about, think about adopting one–or more–of the projects listed.