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What a deal!!



Yippee! We’re now 7% funded. Help us get to 100% for a Philadelphia school project; I think this thermometer will automatically show new contributions if you check into this post at a later date.

We are auctioning off $200 worth of advertising on Artblog to the highest donor to contribute to our challenge to help a Philadelphia school. As of now, that year of advertising in the right hand column is going to our first donor (besides ourselves), Rob Matthews— for just $10! If there’s a tie, winners can split the time on the ad. We’re auctioning the advertising off as part of a fundraising effort to help a classroom teacher in Philadelphia buy subscriptions to Time for Kids to her class.

To read more about our project go here.

How to donate

We figure if every Artblog reader donated $5 or $10, we should be able to raise it in no time, and if we overshoot, we’ll donate the excess to another Philadelphia teacher’s project as well. If you want to donate–or just check out the project we’re helping–here’s our page on Donors Choose! Check it out.

We began this because my son Alex, who is an internet marketing exec, has undertaken helping this little site to get more attention. (He usually deals with pop culture phenoms like movies and stars). Well, he got my attention! And really, this outfit is so sweet and earnest, who could say no? Don’t let that naysayer be you!