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The final cut–Joe Boruchow’s cut paper at the Bean


Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.
Joe Boruchow at the Bean Cafe

Sorry to cut this so fine, but the final curtain is about to fall Dec. 11 on Joe Boruchow’s narrative cut paper works at the Bean Cafe. It’s worth going out of your way to see these.

The complexity of the images and the mysterious back stories make them seem like they are enormous, but they are small enough to squeeze into a tiny apartment. The images are full of surprises and crazy vertiginous perspectives that allow Boruchow to compress complex scenes into small pieces.

His stories, ranging from political cartoons like a beheading as a demagogue declaims to a crowd of sheep, to a New Yorker kind of observation about modern life, with runners, chasing a man in a suit, about to blow by a man using a walker.

All of the images have a storybook kind of quality; and the fluid lines in black on white make me think of heavily inked comic books. While I want to know what’s happening, the beauty of the compositions, the attention to details and the exquisite execution–all done with an Exacto–keep me involved in the visuals.

These are worth the trip.