Philadelphia meets Guilin


Blaise Tobia Virginia Maksymowicz Guilin.jpg
Blaise Tobia and Virginia Maksymowicz in Guilin China. Picture provided by the artists.

For all you armchair travelers….we couldn’t resist putting up this great picture from Philadelphia artists Blaise Tobia and Virginia Maksymowicz. You know they’re not in Kansas anymore. Here’s the note they sent and we’re hoping to get a report on the Shanghai art scene from them when they’re back from China. Woohoo!

Ni Hao (hello) from Shanghai, where we’re finishing up our China trip. China is truly an astonishing place – we urge that you see it if at all possible. The Chinese people are friendly, open and proud of their accomplishments (just ahead of the Olympics). China is both more relaxed and open (it’s easier to take photos here than in the U.S.) and more hyper capitalist (with an extreme gap between rich and poor) than we had imagined. We’ve gotten along okay just with English, but we really wish we could speak Mandarin (perhaps in another life!). Ginny’s part of the trip culminates later today with a reception for the “True Words” wood reliefs show that she has been doing research on. It’s at a gallery in the contemporary art neighborhood of Shanghai (“M50”) that could just as well be in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn!

— Blaise & Ginny


blaise tobia, virginia maksymowicz



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