Philly artists out and about

Christopher Davison
Christopher Davison, Girl with Yellow Legs, 2008, Micron, Pitt pen, gouache, acrylic, ink wash, colored pencil and collage on paper, 50 x 30 inches

Philly artists are all over the place lately, and we’re having trouble getting out all the news of who is showing where. We missed the deadlines on getting a lot of the info up, but here’s a group that’s still fresh.

Chris Davison in New York


There’s still another week or two to catch the possessed Chris Davison in My Happy Demons. It runs to Aug. 10 at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery in New York.

Bobos in Chelsea

I’m totally excited about Bobo’s on 27th, the Bobo’s on 9th show at Foxy Productions (which is of course on 27th…in New York). Curated by Bobos (Phil Cote, Nick Payne and Drew Gillespie), the show includes works by themselves plus 12 others, including Lizzie Fitch, Jesse Greenberg, PIFAS, and more.


The tip came to me from John Caperton, curator at The Print Center.

Damian Weinkrantz and so many others in New York

And this in from the peripatetic Damian Weinkranz. He’s in Crocodile Tears, a show of small works by more than 50 artists at Giant Robot Gallery in New York, curated by Cheryl Kaminsky.


Taylor McKimens
Taylor McKimens, Boobtoob. the cactus idea morphed into the cactuses that Cerealart produced. Picture borrowed from his web site

Also in the exhibit, people whose work has local ties–Philadelphia landmark Isaac Lin, Jen Corace (an Art Star regular), Taylor McKimens (at Cerealart) and more.

Media will range from painting to stitching to drawing to sculpture.

And brewing in Milwaukee, Jackie Hoving

Jackie Hoving

Jackie Hoving is opening Friday, July 25, in the exhibit Hidden Exposure in Roberta’s hometown, Milwaukee, at Armoury Gallery. She wrote:

I want to let you know about a show I am in that opens this Friday. It is at a new Gallery in Milwaukee, WI that has a few great shows since it opened in May. Dan Schank, another Philadelphia artist showed there last month in a show called Landscapism. The show that I am in is called Hidden Expose.

If you’re there, stop by.