Tonight’s art fix

Where shall we send you tonight for your daily art fix? Honestly, there’s something hot happening all the times these days, so We surely cannot keep up the pace. Here are the choices for this evening–(there are probably more, but these are on our minds):


Popcorn alert: See Mr. Freedom, expat William Klein’s 1969 film in which the crass superhero (Mr. F.) fights the pure evil French Anti-Freedom organization. Popcorn shall be served!! All this at goes up, Oct. 10. Fleisher/Ollman at 6 p.m. Plus you can see election-related ephemera at the gallery (there for the duration of the month), and also an epic film on display, the product of Philadelphia artists Alex DaCorte and Nick Lenker!!! This stuff is sort of a place holder—er, gallery holder–until their next show, of work by James Castle.

Auction alert: Go to the InLiquid Auction, UnZipped!!! is tonight, 6 to 10 p.m. at the Ice Box. Philly artists and collectors, this is the best local slide registry in our orbit. Give it some love.

Maybe you can squeeze in both events.